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Our Diamond Package offers a more hold your hand experience and you'll get more individual support from Alaina and Jay. It includes Lifetime Access to our subscription services and complete library of over 60+ hours of content. In addition, we teach more advanced strategies to Diamond members, that aren't offered in any of our other courses. You'll also have access to live class recordings so you can always come back to reference them.


This package is designed for anyone who is serious about fast-tracking their journey in becoming a successful trader/investor.

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We have a wide selection of online courses for investors of all experience levels who want to learn at their own pace.


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Bae Bundle

The Bae Bundle includes the Intro to Stocks + Options Course, Ultimate Strategy Guide, and Free Access to our Investing Bae Community.

Ultimate Strategy Guide

This strategy guide includes different strategies you can implement to profit whether the market is bullish, bearish, or neutral. We'll dive into everything from choosing the right strike price to vertical spreads.

Stocks + Options for Beginners

Our Intro to Stocks + Options Course walks you through the stock market step by step. Our course includes stock market basics from ETFs to dividends. We also dive into options trading. This guide is great for beginners no matter your trading goals. Whether you aspire to be a short term day trader generating passive income or a build a long term portfolio, we’ve got you covered.

Trading Journal

This monthly planner and journal is designed to help you stay organized as you navigate the stock market. This is our most powerful stock trading journal to date. Log your trades here and they can be analyzed at any time from anywhere. Enhance your performance by learning which strategies are not working for you and highlight the ones that are. Set goals and log every step you take to achieve them. Everything you need to manifest the life you want is right here.

Live Classes

Live classes are perfect for those who prefer learning in a group environment. Classes are taught on a rotating monthly schedule.

Bae Pass

Bae Pass includes live weekly charting sessions, pop up live trading sessions, book club, movie night, and access to our private Youtube Channel.


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