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Our Story

Alaina started her trading journey after being highly dissatisfied with working long hours at her job at the time for minimal compensation. She stumbled upon an online resource about trading options and decided to spend some time studying this method of making money as it seemed too good to be true. 


After her first successful trade she was hooked! She decided to invest more time in honing her trading and investing skills than working for someone else. After a period of mixed results while trading and not being as profitable and consistent as she desired, she met her current mentor Jay Fleming online who has been investing and trading for many years, and they began on a journey of taking her trading to the next level. 

Jay Fleming is an American businessman, investor, musician, voice over artist, podcast personality, financial literacy teacher and author. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Jay learned at a very early age about survival and risk management. These skills have carried over into his investing style, giving him the instinct to think quickly and make excellent decisions under pressure. He loves cars, reading, good food, and is extremely passionate about financial literacy and wants to help as many people as possible discover the freedom and peace of mind that comes with achieving generational wealth.


After spending hours upon hours having study sessions that sometimes lasted until 3-4 am looking over charts, discussing strategies, reading books, backtesting and fine tuning her skills, Alaina has seen several highly profitable days in the market which she sometimes posts on her Instagram pages @optionsbae and @investingbae on Instagram. 


After spending countless hours and dollars investing in her craft to be a better trader and investor, She has now made it a mission to help as many people as possible learn the skill of trading and investing through her online education platform where she breaks down the skills that she has learned into an easily digestible format along with her partner which between the both of them have about 10 years of trading and investing experience combined. 


Please feel free to reach out on this website or on Instagram to be a part of this growing community! You will be welcomed with open arms, 


Wishing you much success on your investing journey,

Alaina + Jay

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