Diamond Package

Learn the Strategies That Helped
Our Students Generate Four, Five, and some even Six Figures from the Stock Market

From Alaina + Jay, 
Creators of Investing Bae

The stock market is hotter now than it's ever been. Now is your time to get in on the action. We've poured 10 years of combined experience into this package which has helped countless students take their trading to the next level. If you're serious about building your portfolio, you've come to the right place. 

Everything you need is here.

Whether you're brand new to the stock market or an experienced investor, this package lays out our most popular strategies step-by-step to help build up your portfolio. The best part? We'll be right by your side guiding you the entire way.

"Took the scalping course this weekend, and it paid for itself 100 times over on the first trade." 

"Just want to say that I purchased the course and I love it. It's not overwhelming and the info is easy to read and digest."

"I bought the course and I'm blown away. I've tried to study options other ways but people talk at you. Thank you."

"I'm ready to swim with the sharks. Thanks for making this so easy to understand."

"Thanks for changing my life."

"It's such a nice feeling following a trading system and not alerts" 

"I knew if I just hung in there I'd find the right person to show me the light."

From the Investing Bae Community

What This Means For You

We'll equip you with the tools and strategies we've not only used personally, but also helped our students generate six figure portfolios. The Diamond Program gives you more one on one access to us as you learn to navigate the market. Our goal is to help you understand that with our strategies, the possibilities in the market are endless. Now, it's easier than ever to get started.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about our powerful trading system. The stock market is more accessible today than it's ever been. Now's the time to fast track your financial future.

We'll Guide You Through The Entire Process From Starting Your First Portfolio to the Strategies You Can Use to Grow It.

Trading and investing can be overwhelming when you're just getting started. Even if you've already had experience in the market, our program lays out a trading system with strategies you can utilize to sharpen your skills and become more consistent. This program is a huge step towards financial freedom.


Be Your Own Boss

The market gives you the freedom to earn money on your own schedule in a way that fits into your lifestyle. We'll help you understand your trading style and teach you how to find opportunities in the market that align with it.

Who is This Package For?

The Diamond Program is designed for everyone no matter your experience level. This package is perfect for people who are

  • Currently employed

  • Those working jobs implementing overwhelming requirements

  • Students

  • Those planning for retirement

  • Anyone at a point in life not making the kind of money they'd hoped for.

The Diamond Package is for you and we'll hold your hand along the way.

Ready to Get Started?


What You Get

  • 1-Year Bae Pass ($5,000 Value)

  • 3 Months Free Admission to Virtual Classes (Priceless)

  • All Live Class Recordings excluding Scalping Masterclass (Priceless)

  • (2) 30 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions ($500 Value)

  • Priority Customer Service (Priceless)

  • Bae Pass Content Library (Priceless)

  • Early Access to Live Trading Sessions ($3,000 Value)

  • 30-Minute Onboarding Call with Alaina + Jay (Priceless)

  • 1-Year Access to Private Youtube Channel (Priceless)

  • Weekly Watchlists (Priceless)

  • All Current Audiobooks ($2,000 Value)

  • Book Club ($2,500 Value)

  • Movie Night ($2,500 Value)

  • Daily Affirmations (Priceless)

  • Chart Setup (Priceless)

  • Intro to Stocks + Options Course (Priceless)

  • Long Term Investing + Retirement Planning (Priceless)

  • Risk Management (Priceless)

  • Fundamental Analysis ($1000 Value)

  • Trading Psychology (Priceless)

  • Technical Analysis ($4,500 Value)

    • Finding Support and Resistance

    • Indicators

    • Day Trading Strategies

    • Finding Support + Resistance

    • Reading Candlesticks

    • Strategies for Bullish, Bearish, and Neutral Trends

  • Market Recap Sessions (Priceless)

  • Advanced Strategies to Leverage a Market Crash (Priceless)

  • Advanced Trading Terminology (Priceless)


That's Total Value of $21,000!

You only pay $2,497.

Diamond VIP
What You Get

Everything from the Diamond Package Plus:

  • Lifetime Bae Pass ($10,000 Value)

  • Free Admission to Virtual Classes (Priceless)

  • All Live Class Recordings  (Priceless)

  • (2) Additional 30 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions for a total of 4 ($500 Value)

  • Priority Customer Service (Priceless)

  • Lifetime Access Bae Pass Content Library (Priceless)

  • Early Access to Live Trading Sessions ($3,000 Value)

  • VIP Seating and Free Admission to (2) In-Person Events ($5,000 Value)

  • Portfolio Review ($1,000 Value)

  • 1-Hour Onboarding Call with Alaina + Jay (Priceless)

  • Lifetime Access to Private Youtube Channel (Priceless)

  • Weekly Watchlists (Priceless)

  • All Current and Future Audiobooks ($2,000 Value)

  • Text Support for first 60 Days (Priceless)

  • Book Club ($2,500 Value)

  • Movie Night ($2,500 Value)

  • Accountability Check-Ins ($1,000 Value)

  • Daily Affirmations (Priceless)

  • Advanced Chart Setups (Priceless)

  • Advanced Swing Trading Strategies ($5,000 Value)

  • Advanced Scalping Strategies ($5,000 Value)

  • Intro to Stocks + Options Course (Priceless)

  • Advanced Long Term Investing + Retirement Planning (Priceless)

  • Advanced Risk Management Strategies (Priceless)

  • Advanced Fundamental Analysis ($1000 Value)

  • Trading Psychology (Priceless)

  • Advanced Technical Analysis ($4,500 Value)

    • Finding Support and Resistance

    • Indicators

    • Day Trading Strategies

    • Finding Support + Resistance

    • Reading Candlesticks

    • Strategies for Bullish, Bearish, and Neutral Trends

  • Market Recap Sessions (Priceless)

  • Advanced Strategies to Leverage a Market Crash (Priceless)

  • Advanced Trading Terminology (Priceless)

  • Weekly Coaching Calls (Priceless)

  • Live Backtesting Sessions ($2,000 Value)

That's Total Value of $45,000!

You only pay $4,997.

*BONUS* Free Trading Journal and Discounted Merch with Both Plans

Consult with a tax professional to see if courses may be tax deductible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Diamond Package and the other courses you offer?

In the Diamond Package we offer a more hold your hand experience and you'll get more individual support from Alaina and Jay. It also includes Lifetime Access to our subscription services and content library which are constantly growing. In addition, we teach more advanced strategies to Diamond members, that aren't offered in any of our other courses. We help fast-track you to success in your trading journey.

Is the Diamond Package for beginners?

Yes! The Diamond Package is designed for people of all experience levels. If you're brand new to the market, you'll have the support of Alaina and Jay to help you navigate  the challenges of being a new investor. If you're more experienced, some of the information will serve as a great refresher as you jump straight into our more advanced trading strategies.

The Diamond Package has all the tools you need to bring your financial goals into fruition.